Four words.

I finished this past weekend out by working on my youngest daughter learning to ride her bike without training wheels.  After a good half hour, she was able to ride, with me getting her started.  You know, the parent crouched over, hand on seat, alittle shove, and off they go position!  (That’s one way to get steps in on my pedometer!)  I said one line to her that I could tell made her feel REALLY good.

I’m proud of you.

That’s it.  Just four words, but I could tell she was happy. Her eyes lit up and her smile was huge!  When I was walking alone the next day I was remembering that precious time. It reminded me of the time I can recall my saying those words to me.  It’s the first time I remember, although she may have prior, I’m not sure.  It was when I had just given birth to my oldest daughter.  In the delivery room, young and feeling tons of things, she looked at me and said those words.

I’m proud of you.

I had a similiar feeling hearing my own mother say those words as my daughter must have felt. They were lovely and its one of the memories I can still recall from my time at home with her.  I’m not sure how much I said it to my oldest two daughters, but I am very proud of them.  They have both made their way into adult life and began families, and love others.  I have many reasons to be proud of all three of my daughters.  

Four words can change something so quickly.  They can be words of delight or words of sorrow.  It’s our choice how we will express how we are feeling.  It’s our choice to build someone up or break them down. 

At the end of that first evening together, my youngest daughter looked at me and said these words.

“You said you were proud of me!”  With a huge smile on her face and her eyes lit up.

That my friends, made me feel like the best mom ever.   Four words, not only made her feel built up, but her six words made me feel built up. Wouldn’t it be nice to continue that with people? Whether it’s a child or adult, let’s all (me included) try to say more delight than sorrow shall we?

If you haven’t told someone you are proud of them lately, search out one person, and complete that task.  Go, today. Just Do It!  See how it turns out, then come back here and share!

Grace is  a gift,


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