Kindness Advocates

This past Saturday morning was spent sharing kindness.  Just alittle jar of sweets to people that would accept them from a child’s hand and smile back at them. Sometimes in life our children and even us do not receive encouragement when we are extending the hand of kindness.  With raising my daughter I want to instill in her the importance of kindness to others.  So far, in the six years of life there haven’t been too many times I’ve had to explain why someone was unkind to her.  We have been lucky, but I know I won’t always be able to explain away or reason why this occurs.  I am hoping to build a foundation of one that even when you get knocked down in kindness, you get back up, and try again.  

Three years ago a friend of mine and I decided we would bring our daughters together to create little jars of kindness.  We would make the contents together, fill them to the brim, and decorate the glass jars to be bright  and beautiful!  It’s a tradition I’m continuing although my friend has moved away.  She encouraged me and a group of our friends to join together this year.  She did this by giving us a gift when she moved. A bag full of decorated glass jars with recipes in each one, and supplies for Easter smores.  🙂  

rainbow jars

So today one of the friends was able to join my youngest daughter and I in our stroll down kindness lane.  She brought her two children who are delightfully adventurous on a daily basis and I am coming to love having in our home often!  We created two kinds of jars and hopped in the pickup to deliver them to our church members of chose for various reasons.  It was an adventure that oozed goodness all around!

The statements from our kids are ones we treasure and hearing a six year old and three old interact in the backseat was sometimes humorous and sometimes…. well you know!  🙂  The littlest sweetness was such a trooper and went right along with us! Snug as a bug in her car seat and ready to have her say in the backseat too!

We created 24 jars of kindness, was able to deliver some face to face, and others leave for the recipients to find, all the while watching our children become advocates for kindness.  I pray this will continue to grow in their hearts and bring forth substance in their lives.   I am thankful I was able to be a part of this with them.  

Easter Smores & Strawberry Shortcake

I feel I need to share what my six year old told me this morning upon waking.  It makes me feel like perhaps I am taking her down a path that is good.  I slowly awoke her and helped her put on her clothes as it was a late night for us the night before.  I told her she could lay in bed for 30 more minutes and I reminded her that our friends were coming to do the kindness jars.  She looks at me and says “Mommy, I like making stuff with you for other people.”  That melted my heart and made this Mommy glad.  Goodness my friends, goodness.

I encourage you to be an advocate for kindness and teach others by example.  I pray we can all display what a child’s heart has, honest love.

Grace is a gift,



3 thoughts on “Kindness Advocates

  1. What a great idea. Your friend wouldn’t be another one of us “Where 2 or more are gathered” ladies, would it? 🙂
    These are really cute, and I bet all the kiddos not only had a blast, but made lasting memories.


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