What Makes You Do Even More?

Through our Mission Board, at the church I attend, I have been able to become more aware in the area of food banks. Our church collects food donations from members on a monthly basis.  One of the board members delivers to a food bank in our surrounding towns.   This past week I delivered to a resource center in a small community near our church, I walked away feeling energized, excited, and more informed!  This small little building holds a great deal for many families in need.

The director was so very kind and took us through the establishment and explained how their food bank runs alittle differently than others.  They do not go through the Kansas Food Bank, their food and financial support comes totally from donations of others.  They have a  number families they help each month and it fluctuates between 40 to 60 on a regular basis.  They aren’t just a food bank they also help pay electricity bills, rent, and things like that.  The system and rules they have are very well maintained and has been going for 30 plus years! They have about 12 volunteers currently and no one is paid.  That my friends is a jewel in their community!

The director was a person that you could tell was caring and wanted to help others.  She takes so much time to figure out the system and then also personally help people who come in.  She will help them with budgets and have one on one help when she can, even to go to the grocery store with them.  It’s truly a remarkable place.  I encourage you to check out your local food bank or donate if you can.

I am so glad that God has provided me with this opportunity to help others.  I enjoy organizing and giving to others, so when I was asked to serve on this board I said yes.  Although at the time,  I didn’t have any idea it would really be what it is.  Sometimes it’s lovely just to go in blindly!  It turns out I really love this kind of thing!  Thanks  be to God!

So, what activities bring you joy or make you want to do even more in life?

Grace is a gift,



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