New Gig Update & Support

Now that I have been doing this stay at home mom gig for a short period I felt moved to write about it.  The transition started off kilter with the illness and death of my father, but now I am feeling we are getting into a routine of sorts.  I find myself looking forward to my daily walks, devotion time, and many other things.  

In fact, I’m not sure I have ever been happier in my life.  I feel present in it, I feel I can breathe and not rush to each event.  I often find myself  in the midst of a task actually with a smile on my face.  My inner self is more at peace and I enjoy the smaller things in life.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some less than stellar days but they don’t bring me down as much and I recover quicker.  If you ask my husband, I do believe he might tell you that I am calmer and less needy than before.   I am more “go with the flow” so to speak.  

Now that I’ve hit the highlights of this new gig, let me take you down alittle stroll of the things I miss or am struggling alittle with.

Interaction with people.  It’s not a large issue for me, but it is missed.   Feeling like I am contributing to my family, primarily financially bring a feeling of doubt to mind.  On occasion, the worries of my purpose crosses my mind.  Honestly, its a tug of war at times but mostly I try to focus on the good. Our life is blessed and I know that.  I am fortunate to have friends I can turn to on those days of uncertainty.  

Whether you are a stay at home mother/father or one that works outside the home we all have our place this world.  We all have purpose and although on some days we might not be sure what that is, we are still resourceful, qualified, and needed.   I hope whether you are currently at home or working outside the home or working from home that you have a friend or two or six that you can call on when times get alittle stressed!  Be sure to have a support system, because everyone needs someone sometime!

Grace is a gift,





2 thoughts on “New Gig Update & Support

  1. I think I started the Where 2 or more are gathered shortly after I stopped working [gasp!] as well. I thought it a coincidence that when I made my first stop at your site, you were mentioning that you were a new SAHM. I do miss the fast paced trauma room at times, but I LOVE being home with my kids full time too. It’s been much easier to work with their homeschooling schedule when I’m here all week, AND I am MUCH more available to my Farmer now. Definitely enjoying the ride and glad you are settling in as well.


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