Nuzzle A Little Closer

It’s bedtime.

“Mommy, I can’t survive without a hug and kiss every day.”  So her Mommy hugged and kissed her.  The child then rolled on her side toward her Mommy, which is opposite what she normally does.  

The child places her head, ever so comfortably under Mommy’s chin, she nuzzles in close.  Mommy’s heart is filling with warmth and joy, for this is not a cuddling child.  Mommy begins to cradle the child’s head with her hand, and stroking the child’s soft thin hair.  She could feel every breath the child took, their hearts beating almost as one.  

Mommy didn’t rush this evening, she couldn’t soak up enough of this goodness.  The goodness that doesn’t come often enough and the goodness that makes her forget the rest of the world.  

Stroking her hair.  Thinking how time is going by.  Remembering the day.  The child had a good day.  She was happy from the moment she woke up to the moment she went to bed.  Nuzzle alittle closer little one, Mommy doesn’t mind.


Grace is a gift,



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