Honesty Days

Honesty Days

1.  We made a trip to the mall this past weekend.  As we were walking across the parking lot there was a young couple in front of us (husband, daughter, me).  The young lady was wearing what I would say was a large chamois.  I say this because it was a very short  and tight dress.  In fact, I was so nervous she would drop something and have to bend over and my family would be “mooned”.  I’m not exaggerating here.  As we walked up to the doors I spoke quietly to my husband, half-joking half -not, stating “we are never bringing , insert our daughter’s name, to the mall again”.  About that time our daughter announces as if it’s her birthday or Christmas morning, “I LOVE THIS PLACE!”  #modestyrocks  #mallsarereality 

2.  Our home office is still not organized.  My goal is by the end of October.  Can you hold me accountable?

3. When serving and creating ideas for the board of missions at church I feel so much excitement I am afraid people will think I’ve went over the edge!

4. I have journals for each of my daughters.  I feel bad, it’s been forever since I wrote in them. 

5. While turning in my wedding ring set at the jewelry store to be repaired, I was amazed at how I could recall exactly how I felt when my husband chose the ring he did for me.  He said he could tell exactly the one I liked because my expression and eyes.  #11yearsandcounting 

6. Funny thing about my wedding set, older and wiser that I am,  a plain band would do.  Aging isn’t so bad.

 7. During church worship this week it was meaningful, lovely, and  I giggled  from my tummy like a child, I heard the word, and felt the Holy Spirit within us.  God is Good!

8. My tablet (electronic device) wallpaper has a photo of my Dad as the wallpaper.  So every time I turn it on, I see him.  It’s a great photo.  It’s of him laughing.  You can only see him but I know when I look at that photo it is of him holding my hand and I’m listening to him talk. It’s a love hate thing.  It hurts to see the photo but I can’t bear to take it off either. 

9. The adoption series is progressing.  I’m happy and grateful and nervous all at the same time. I hope I can do it justice!

10. I’m dissatisfied with my weight but I’m not motivated enough to make a change.


Thanks for entertaining my honesty days.  I think they are fun and when I look back on them later I think I will either laugh or cry that I wrote them!  But it’s all good!  This is a writing journey ya know!

Grace is a gift,





4 thoughts on “Honesty Days

  1. Organization is way over-rated. I have a journal for my oldest daughter that is supposed to be one that we put under each others pillows…yep…forever. Thanks for the reminder. The older I get, the more I detest malls. I hear you.
    Great list! Love these posts!


  2. 1. My son asked us one time really loud if the reason some girls’ dresses was too short was because they didn’t have enough money for a whole one–yup–loud. At four years old.
    2. I can’t put it upon myself to encourage you to organize until after the harvest 🙂 .
    3. DITO. Got Purim week All. Planned. Out.
    4. For all my children. They are the best things ever.
    5. Yes! Remember that day.
    6. Have a simple vintage set. Don’t like the new stuff.
    7. We were home sick 😦
    8. What a beautiful thing for you.
    9. What a beautiful resource you are putting out there.
    10. Dito. But I feel better blaming the Harvest for not having time.


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