Who Knew, Just Ten People

I have ten people in my immediate family.  Who knew that ten people could make such an impact and difference on one person’s happiness and life in general.

One isn’t here every day any longer, she’s in Heaven.  She was only in my life for a short time here on earth but I look forward to seeing her again, pain free and that beautiful smile upon her face someday.  She helped me grow and become more aware of children with Cerebral Palsy.  I’m grateful.

Most of the other nine individuals I  don’t see every day but I have easy contact to them.  Each of them has helped me learn, grow, and enjoy this life.  I’m grateful for each of them.

Each of my daughters has brought two men into my life that are very different and each has taught me a thing or two.  That shyness doesn’t mean they dislike you, protecting your family is important,  and they love my daughters. One of them brought with them two children that I now consider my grandchildren, just as I do the one that came from my daughter.  One I spoke of already, and the other is a boy that I just want to wrap my arms around most days and hug tightly.  Although if I did, he would get that eye roll and silly smile that he is trying to refrain from having if I did hug him.  My grandaughter brings energy to the room and dances like no other.  Her smiles are contagious and her fits are outragous.  But they are what they are, and she reminds me of her momma in alot of ways.  Which isn’t  a bad thing at all.

Speaking of my oldest daughter, this one, well she gives, she talks loud, and she loves openly.  She reminds me of myself, or how expressive I used to be. She takes care of her family and has a very good memory of days gone by.  I’m proud to call her my daughter, she’s made a good life for herself.  I pray she continues to love with all her heart and care for others.

My next oldest daughter brings things to my life that is different from her older sister, which it should be that way.  She is less open, but moving away brought our relationship to a lovely place to be.  She has work ethic that I’m proud of and her ability to be funny is awesome.  She is the kid that still loves Disney movies, Halloween, and laughs hysteraclyy when her little sister does something she shouldn’t!  Her love for her dogs is evident and she will love the underdog of this life every day if she can.

The youngest of my children, well she is bringing so much to our family and it changes with the seasons.  One day she is the silly pretend puppy, the next a cheetah, and another a shadow of her Dad’s on the farm.  She brings laughter, and most recently  a little bit of attitude to my life.  I wouldn’t trade this time for anything, she’s six and my favorite thing right now is her running to me after she gets off the bus.  The impact from her hugs is forceful but full of I LOVE YOU MOM.  🙂  Who wouldn’t think that was awesome?

When the three girls get together it’s pure joy for me.  My oldest was in college when we brought the youngest home and the middle daughter was fifteen and the one with the attitude.  So times together are precious, especially as they live their own lives and become who they are meant to be.

The last individual is my husband.  This man has brought me, in over eleven years of marriage, through ups and downs, a place of contentment.  He brought simple things into my life such as drinking more water, eating apples, riding motorcycles, growing my faith, enjoying nature, and loving the farm life.  I wasn’t the best wife in those early years, but I’m grateful he has stuck it out and I will continue to do that as well.  I know without him, our youngest daughter would not be part of my family, so that is one thing I am grateful for from him, but there are many others.

The reason I was inspired to write about my family is because we spent a few hours yesterday taking family photos.  My middle daughter took them and her talent is one of the things I am proud of.  Her and my oldest daughter working together was wonderful to see.  There was laughter, snippy remarks, bargaining with young children, beautiful photos, and time together.  I loved it.  I really did.  Then to have dinner together after was sweet.  The icing on the cake though was sitting next to my middle daughter as we went through the over 150 shots and listen to her giggle.  Some were pretty hiliarous.  Hearing her laugh was pure joy to my heart and I will treasure it always.

I’d like to introduce you to my family.  I”m a proud mother, wife, mother in law, and grandma. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to blog about my life.  I thank God daily for them.

Photo is owned by Julie V. and use or duplication is not allowed without written permission of the owner of this blog.
Photo is owned by Julie V. and use or duplication is not allowed without written permission of the owner of this blog.

Grace is a gift,


6 thoughts on “Who Knew, Just Ten People

  1. Hope your family has the opportunity to read this as it is quite complementary. Your daughter takes good pictures 🙂 .
    I have enjoyed my daily visits to your site these last couple of months as part of the Where 2 or More Are Gathered challenge. It feels as though we have a lot in common. Wish you the best in your one year blogging quest!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I think my daughter does too, but I’m her Mom so you know! 🙂 I appreciate you visiting here. I’m not the best about staying up on visiting my friends’ blogs. It’s a goal I have. Although right now things other than the computer need my attention so that will have to hold off for bit. THANK YOU again! Have a great day!


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