Just as the leaves

Falling leaves - Copy - Copy


Just as the trees are beginning to shed their leaves, I too pray I can shed the current feelings I am having.  The overwhelming and less than happy mindset that is creeping in slowly.

As I walk along this path called life, I know I am blessed, yet there are times I feel less than worthy. 

step by step - Copy

 I grasp to the thoughts that I am able to persevere.  I can take one step at a time, and come back to a place of contentment.

There is comfort in prayer, friendships, time in worship, even just sitting alone.  As the leaves fall, so may the feelings of dismay.  A clean slate to begin a new day, a new season.  

fall beauty - Copy


If you find yourself relating to my words,  know you are not alone. Know that neither one of us is alone.  Hold tight to the fact that God is present in daily living.  When the struggle is hard and the tears are falling, HE is with us.  HE will give comfort if we allow him.

Grace is  a gift,



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