One of A Kind – Time to Celebrate

Today I want to celebrate YOU.
That’s right. Although most of us are strangers I want to celebrate the positives of YOU!

Call me crazy. Call me wild.  Call me what you what, but let’s celebrate together the wonderful things that make up YOU!

I can’t celebrate YOU, if you don’t share though. So here’s my goal for today.  Each one of you that views my post please write THREE positive things about yourself!  YES you can find THREE. I know you can!  I can see how many views I get on a post, so play along, and let me CELEBRATE YOU!

You are one of a kind and I want to know what makes you that way!  It will help me celebrate you!  I promise I will read each one and comment back! Humor me folks, I promise it will be fun and uplifting!



Here, I will go first! Will that help?  Let’s celebrate and uplift one another today! 

#1 – I am hospitable.

#2 – I empathize deeply.

#3 – I can cook well.


Ok your turn! 

Comment with your name or anonymously.  I don’t care, just comment!



Grace is a gift,



PS – This includes my spouse whenever he gets around to reading this post! 🙂



6 thoughts on “One of A Kind – Time to Celebrate

  1. I’m gonna say that number one and three are so closely related that you have to write a number four to make up for the fact that number one and number three are pretty much the same thing. 🙂
    Ok, 3 positives…(This has taken me all day!)
    I grow super cute babies.
    I make a mean cherry crisp.
    I can recite several children’s books…and a Shel Silverstein poem by memory.


    1. Heather

      When I was writing that post I thought “at least one of my friends is going to require something of me. Yep… you came to mind” Just to appease you I will. Although I think they are different!

      #4 – I too, like my sister process quickly! 🙂

      I love yours. I would like to be eating your cherry crisp (right now), while holding one of your super cute babies, and you perform in front of me! 🙂




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