Hiding Behind the Pew

I’m not going to hide behind the pew any longer.

That’s what my mind says and my heart. I’m going to be excited for Jesus and not be afraid to show it.

A lot of us sit in the same pew every Sunday, listen to the sermons, doze off occasionally. I’m not judging cause I’m a person that can’t say “oh I’ve never done that.” I’m just saying it’s time to make a change in myself. I feel the Holy Spirit moving me.

No, I’m not on the crazy train. I’m someone who grew up without the knowledge of what is being offered through the Lord. I’m someone who still has so much to learn.

I could sit here and be dormant. I could not share my emotions that grow in me on a daily basis when I take the time to actually read the word and try to understand all it has to offer. I could do those things, but why would I?

After living a life not knowing what precious gem was within me and the gift available, why would I stay dormant now? Why wouldn’t I express the happiness it has brought and the understanding of what was provided for me (and you) to others?


Let your light shine

My husband was born into a Lutheran family, I on the other hand wasn’t raised in a church atmosphere. I still grew up with morals and I still turned out ok I do believe, but there was always a piece missing I felt. I began to notice it when I was a young child. I didn’t know what it was that was missing, but now that I am 43 I know.

When my husband and I were dating, one of the things that attracted me to him was the fact that he had knowledge of God. I’m not lying. I’m not kidding. It was like I was a very small sponge ready to soak up whatever they had discussed at his Sunday school class that day. I attended church at that time, but I think part of the reason it was this way for me is because I could trust him. I knew whatever he told me would be truth and I felt safe. Those times are precious memories. We attend together now of course but sometimes we let life get in the way and don’t discuss the subjects that were taught at church that week. (Mental note – make this priority again)

The feeling I have about what has been offered to me through Jesus Christ, and the more I read, learn, and put into action the things I should, it makes my life peaceful. Not without difficult times, but peaceful and during those harder times, stronger to endure.

I don’t want to hide in my pew any longer. I am not sure I am ready to stand and give speeches on the subject. But I am ready to provide comfort, speak in casual conversation to others how my journey has gone, give an ear to listen, share kindness, and let the Holy Spirit help me.

My life is better for becoming a Christian. The journey has been like a marathon for me. I’m still training, but my training is full of excitement and I can see the finish line is within my reach. And when that time comes I will be in eternity basking in the full love of my Savior.

Would you like to join me?

Grace is a gift,



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