Farm Wife Changes

HELLO!  That little break from writing is just what I needed to spark some new posts, relax, and focus on other commitments.  I’m so glad I took the break!  I hope you are back with me on a daily basis!  Here we go!  By the way, Saturday was actually my first post back.  I couldn’t wait! I missed writing here at Pushing Forward with Grace! 🙂

I don’t know if I have mentioned it much but I am married to a farmer. I am also the youngest of four children. The older three siblings spent most of their childhood on the farm, my parents divorced, and I spent the least amount of time on the farm.

Ironic isn’t it? I’m the one that learned the least about farming and cattle, but I’m the one married to a farmer. Go figure!

Well I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, really I don’t, I came from a long line of hard working women. But honestly I don’t do much of the farming, that’s my husband’s job. But we see in the future I probably need to do more hands on. Honestly, I like it most of the time.  When I don’t let my fear encompass me!

So far I’ve learned since August how to test the crops for moisture.  This tells us if they are ready to harvest.  (Starting small here in the farm classroom.)

Test crop

Here recently I told my farmer husband I wanted to try and learn the tractor.  We have feeder calves for the winter, so they are fed twice a day.  The other day we headed out and yes folks I actually drove the tractor.  Now, I am no where near ready to drive alone, he actually told me what to do, but by the end, I felt good about how my lesson went.  Our six year old daughter was also witnessing so I knew I was showing her an example, so I did my best to not let those fears win out!

Tractor Farm Wife


Last but not least I got to do one of my favorite things on the farm this week!  I have done this before, but not this particular “job”.  We had to work the calves and I got to remove the old ear tags and give them some medicine in their nostrials.  I know, it sounds not very fun but it was AWESOME! I loved it! Seriously enjoyed working next to my husband.  Even the snot that was flying and the loud crying from them didn’t bother me.  I love cattle, seriously.  I think it comes from  the fact that when I came home from the hospital from being born, it was to a feedlot.  It was, we lived at my grandfather’s feedlot! 🙂

Working cattle


I can be the farm wife that cooks the harvest meals, keeps the home, raises the child, and runs him to fields when needed, but I kinda like the opportunity to share in our business in the physical aspect. I am so glad that God’s choice for my life brought  me back to the farm!

Grace is a gift,





4 thoughts on “Farm Wife Changes

  1. Way to go Julie! So proud of you hopping up in the tractor! I totally understand the fear thing that comes with helping out the husband with new things on the farm. (Me + pickup + giant trailer load of hay = panic attack) But I love it when the hubs and I get to work together. We are working cows tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. I love spending time with him even when it is work. And I love spending time outside getting fresh air – even if it stinks a little like cow poop. 🙂

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  2. I noticed you had your hair all did up while you were out nose to nose with those cows. 🙂 Lovely! I would be terrified to do…well, all of it…afraid of breaking the tractor, or sticking that syringe too far up their noses, but not you. Awesome job!

    Liked by 1 person

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