The God Of All Comfort – Patient Endurance- Lesson 7

God of All Comfort

“If we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which you experience when you patiently endure the same sufferings that we suffer.”  2 Corinthians 1:6

The author, Donna Pyle, wrote this lesson in regards to her own personal experience of her marriage ending.  I commend her for sharing her experience and for the opportunity to share this lesson.  I, myself have been divorced and it is not easy no matter how well the two people get along.  My own personal faith grew during that time and after reading this lesson, I so wish I would have had this lesson in my hands at that time.  Join me in learning how to cope with betrayals of this world, showing new Christians a welcoming way, and as always placing Christ at the center.

Have you ever experienced the broken trust of someone close to you?  I’m not talking just in regards to your spouse,  people lose trust in others daily I’m sure.  That is part of the brokenness of this world we have now.  There is something that looks better, feels better, and gives us a satisfaction that normally doesn’t last long.  Our sinful nature is always seeking for that one thing that will bring us wholeness isn’t it?  When someone travels that path to the “oh so beautiful thing” (whatever that thing is) we often don’t stop to examine it fully.  Unfortunately, we don’t see that us getting the “beautiful thing” could disrupt the core of our current life and bring others to destruction.  

That’s why our trust needs to be in the Lord.  It’s not easy I know, I still struggle on some days.  The bible gives us reminders of who we are to trust, here are just a few.

Psalm 4:5

Psalm 9:10

Psalm 20:7

We place our trust in the Lord and we receive comfort from him in all disturbing incidents.  Donna states on page 195, But guarding our hearts also guards them against receiving comfort from God and those around us. One must allow forgiveness to begin if they have been betrayed.  God will give us the tools to move us along if we place our trust in Him.  

Have you ever heard it stated that being angry and bitter towards someone else only hurts you?  I have, and I find that true.  It is hurting the one that is angry and bitter way more than the other person, in fact a lot of times it sucks the life out of you.  Being negative and angry, when we are in this state, especially for extended periods of time, do others want to be around us?  The answer is plain ol’ NO.

Once again we come back to the bible that gives us key verses to remind us about forgiveness.

Colossians 3:13

Luke 6:37

John 20:23

All of these verses remind us that if we do not forgive others, we will not be forgiven by the Lord.  It’s not easy, I know I am one that has had a hard time forgiving many traumatic things, and the people who have created them.  But we must, we need to gather together and spend time in the Word to build our memory of these verses and stories.  We need to be taught by those that are educated in the Word, and we need to pray.  We need to get down on our knees and ask the Lord to encompass our hearts and minds.  To remove the bitter anger that lies within us and help us to forgive our offender.  

 God will rescue us.  He will take his grasp and hold us tight to endure, to forgive, to move forward.  We only need to open our hearts and minds to Him.

Now that we have reviewed the broken trust, forgiveness, and the Lord’s mighty help, let’s talk about new Christians.  In this section,  I could relate as well.  I didn’t become a Christian until I was in my twenties and then I really wasn’t practicing like I should.  But I recall being new, wondering things, feeling like I knew very little about the Lord’s Word, and didn’t want to be asked anything!  Sometimes I still feel that way, which is silly.  Our bible study is to learn, and I would trust anyone of those ladies with a child of mine. So, I need to let go of my pride and worry of embarrassment, say what I am thinking, and get their response.  I probably would learn a great deal, huh? Have you ever felt this way? Whether you are new Christian or not, you might feel this way now.

As Christians, let us extend our hands in worship when we notice a new family or individual.  Let’s send a card welcoming them or invite them to sit with us at the potluck.  Why do we make this so hard?  My goal is to get better at this, and I need accountability.  So those of you that attend with me, be sure keep me on my toes!

Do you find it easy to greet new attendees of Worship or Sunday School?  What about in just everyday life? What are some suggestions you can offer to us how you handle greeting others? I think it would be great to share ideas!

Centering our life around the Lord and making him the foundation will make all our lives better.  Our sinful nature keeps us from doing that, so it’s a battle we must conquer each day.  Taking the Word, delving into it daily, praying often, and surrounding yourself with a support system is essential to staying strong in this fashion.

Won’t you join me in praying to our Lord.


Today there will be betrayals in this world.  The debris left will be broken hearts, tear-stained cheeks, swollen eyes, and low mental states.  We pray that those that are betrayed will fall to their knees, lift their circumstances to you, and allow you to encompass them.  To hold them tight and take them down a path of pure comfort and strength.  Gracious Lord, those that are the ones that betrayed, we ask that they find their way to you and request forgiveness for what they have done.  That they begin anew and become stronger against the evil of this world.  May the new Christians find a family to hold them close, teach them in their journey, and welcome them into this life of joy and comfort and strength we find only in You.  In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.


Grace is  a gift,









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