Marking off the to do list – Cuddles Rule

I have some posts in my drafts I could share today, and be done with one of the things on my list of to do’s.  But since yesterday was a tad on the downer side I thought I would try to write something a little more upbeat and happy this Sunday morning!

Yesterday I attended a relative’s baby shower and saw other friends and family members.  In visiting with the family members that sat next to me I realized how very much I was smiling during that entire time.  I realized that I felt joy and so thrilled to be with them.  Our main topic of discussion was happenings at the church and our Monday night bible study.  Not gossip, I was asking their opinion on things and interacting about what lies ahead for us.  I’m so very glad I had the opportunity to visit with t he three of them.  They inspire, they care, and they don’t mind me going on about things I’m involved in.  They giggle at my probably not very funny snippets, and they love me.  I know this, I feel it, I share in it, and I am so very thankful for it.  My husband brought me into this family, this church, this farm life.  Although I tried to fight things, I’ve learned that God has control and he will take me where HE wants me.  Thanks be to God.

This morning my youngest daughter came in early in the morn to our bedroom.  She couldn’t sleep, this time change thing has slightly hindered her routine.  Mine too, by mid afternoon I’m wanting a nap most days!  Laying there I thought, this will end someday.  The super cuddles, early morning snuggles between her Dad and I (with 3 stuffed animals included), and the innocence of her life.  I didn’t  get up and start my to do list, I just laid there and cuddled awhile longer while she fell asleep.  For the plans God has for her, I need to let them happen.  She will be better for it.

Gathering today with church family to have a Thanksgiving feast after worship and then meeting a friend to celebrate another year of life on earth will fill my day. Each of them with their benefits to refuel my life.  Both a blessing to my life.  My week ahead is full compared to normal.  I will make my to do lists, mark things off of it, and try again each day to push forward with grace and smile while doing it.

What’s in store for you today?  What brought you joy yesterday?

Grace is a gift,




One thought on “Marking off the to do list – Cuddles Rule

  1. I agree with you, Julie. Sometimes it is more important to cuddle with loved ones or sit and visit than cross things off our list. Yea when we realize the little things really are the memory makers.

    Sounds like you enjoyed your time at the baby shower. I’m not a big crowd person and usually don’t go out of my way to attend showers. When I do, I frequently come home feeling refreshed and glad for the conversations I had and connections I made. I need to remind myself to come out of my shell more often.

    Yesterday was a big cattle working day. J’s Cousin worked weaned calves and his cows. I stayed home to cook and get ready for cow working at our house yesterday afternoon. We had plenty of good help and beautiful weather.

    Today we have been getting ready for winter weather. They are calling for high temps in the 20’s and several inches of snow. I’m not ready for cold and white stuff yet.

    Hope you have a fabulous week. Remember the most important stuff will get done and you will have plenty of time to do it.


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