Honesty Days

Honesty Days


1. Writing a series on my other blog – it brought a sense of pride to me, validation, inspiration, and blessings beyond what I thought it ever would.

2. I need a face mask stocking hat to continue this walking in the cold Kansas weather.

3. Support of friends in eating healthier and exercising more is golden.  #cantdoitwithoutthem

4. Seasonal depression is a real thing.  It sucks but I’m fighting it like no other this year.

5. My youngest daughter completely dislikes tight clothing and refuses to unbutton her jeans to take them off.  I kinda hope this lasts into her 30’s at least.  That way I don’t have to have that argument with her about why we don’t wear tight jeans and skirts etc!

6. The mind is a funny thing.  Waking at 4:30 or 5:00 am, going to the bathroom, hoping to go back to sleep is most of the time not the case.  Instead ideas are popping in and out of my head.  Anything from fundraiser ideas, distributing items from a fundraiser sale, to what I need get done in a series on the blog, to how to gather all my girlfriends together and have a dessert fundraiser.  Seriously need an OFF button!

7. Driving a tractor is less intimidating now that I’ve done it a whole two times! 🙂

8. Family traditions bring me much joy.  They help me to stop and remember why it’s important to stay in the slower lane at times.  It’s a good thing.

9. I’m super excited for our annual gingerbread decorating family gathering this coming weekend!

10. I’m not buying kits this year for the gingerbread decorating, alittle fearful of that!

11. Watching a movie that is really dumb is sometimes what I need to just relax and laugh more.

12. 66 degree days in November with the sun shining on my face watching my kiddo ride her bike – super fabulous feeling!

13. The first of the month is right around the corner, that means paying bills and doing paperwork.  Not feeling it.  Just not feeling it.

14. Having the series and sharing it on this blog made life alittle easier. #writinginspirationneeded

15. Did fine at a funeral this week, until The Dance by Garth Brooks came on.  Then Dad popped in my head and silent tears fell upon my cheeks.

Grace is a gift,





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