The Season of Advent

The season of Advent is upon us.  It’s a time of waiting and anticipation.  

Christmas tree

Today I would like to share how we celebrate the Advent season in our home.  When our youngest daughter was quite small we received through our LWML group a unique advent calendar.  We have enjoyed it for many years.  It was a small plastic box with handmade sachets with numbers attached. Enclosed we would find the bible verse and item related to the part of the bible story for that day. It was made with love by many women I know personally now.  They created these little boxes of  Advent to share the beautiful story with others, specifically children.  My friend Heather wrote a post about it! She was one of them to help create them! Check it out!

             Our LWML Advent Project – You Can Do it Too!

        This year I decided I wanted to do something alittle different. I’m sure we will come back to our trusty box, but it needs some items replaced! 🙂           I never remember until we get it out of the Christmas boxes!  Then it’s time to start!  This year I took a couple things on Pinterest and combined         them to create our activity.

        Our daughter LOVES gum.  Seriously she does!  It was difficult to find but I did finally get gum in these types of packets.  


I numbered the back of the  packets.

Numbered Gum

After dinner each evening we will sit by the Christmas tree and complete that day’s reading.

Recently our daughter asked for a bible.  I think this is perfect timing.  I explained to her that each evening she would be reading the part of the bible story that day from her bible.  That Dad and I would assist her with words she doesn’t know.  She agreed.  I took the bible verses from another Pinterest post.  Then when we are done she can enjoy her gum.  

Advent Activity 2014

I am looking forward to hearing the story, spending time with my family in calmness,and helping grow my daughter’s faith.

Do you have an Advent activity you would like to share? What is your favorite part of the Advent season?

Grace is  a gift,



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