Young ones listening even when you think they aren’t

This week has brought the following that made me smile from my six year old. I thought you might enjoy them too.  Besides I haven’t made it to her journal yet to write it down, so I am hoping this will help me to document it for her future amusement! 🙂

It was a Sunday and we had just finished helping decorate our church for the Advent season.  We were in our vehicle outside waiting on her Dad.  Below is the conversation.

P: “The secretary looks really pretty.”
Me: (I am looking around for our secretary) “What?”
P: “The secretary looks really pretty.”
Me: (Looking at stained glass windows of church it clicks) ” Do you mean the sanctuary?”
P: “YES!”

FYI, Our secretary is really pretty and so is our sanctuary!



I learned a long time ago, especially from my middle daughter how well young children are listening even when you don’t think they are.

I had washed our bedding and we were making the bed one day this past weekend.  Our daughter came in and said “can I help?”  So of course we said sure.  While making the bed we were pulling the covers down for when we went to bed.  I said very silly to my husband and touching my pillow, “now for the mints on the pillow.”  Laughing we thought that was it.

When I went to bed that night (my husband stayed up to watch some TV) I just smiled as I looked at my pillow.  I found Smarties on it! 🙂 I thought HE did it as a joke.  The next morning he left early to feed calves and when I got up I went and snuggled with the little one in her bed to wake her up.  I said to her “you know what I found on my pillow last night?”  She grins and says “yes.”  Then in the next breath says, “Did Daddy find his?”  I said “I don’t think so.”  She proceeds to tell me it was under his pillow and we went searching to see if it was still there.  It was.  So when he came home she made him search his bed.  🙂


She was sweet and silly all at the same time.  I love it.

Also, I went to my bed this morning after taking her to school.  What did I find?  The last two smarties in the house laying on each side of our bed!  I guess I better fill the candy jar with Andes Mints, then she can leave real mints! 🙂

This is what life is about.  The little moments that bring us joy.  The time together as family and the interaction and connecting with others.  I pray you have one of those days in your week.  Or perhaps you will be lucky and find it everyday!
Grace is a gift,



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