44. That’s the Number for this Challenge!

First of all, I expect all my friends and family to comment below or on my Facebook page when I share this with ideas! Help needed! 🙂 

You know that friend I tend to mention often over here.  The one that got me started on this 365 day writing experiment?  The one that challenges me often, loves me unconditionally, and brings objective perspective to my life?  Yea.  Heather. She’s the one.  Well, she did something cool for birthday.    The entire saga is below!

There’s the post that started it all “ce-le-brate good times, come on.”

There’s the post of her results of finishing those steps!  “The Mighty climb of 39.”

There is the post called “Insert big exploding heart” that tells of the results of inspiring others.

Here’s the deal, I turn 44 on December 26th.  I need some help, I need to figure out a way to do what Heather did. To give to others, inspire others, and involve me giving of myself!  

Disclaimer right here folks!  I WILL NOT climb steps or run.  I won’t. I’m sorry.  My husband would probably be giving me CPR or better yet call 911!  SO!  Here’s a little of what I like/do. Throw me some ideas, time is running out!  Inspire me so I can inspire others and have a good excuse to get off the couch on December 26th! 🙂 

I enjoy…….

planning events, mission work, fundraisers, gatherings, and cooking.

outreach work, food bank, elderly folk, and sharing kindness.

bringing awareness to adoption, walking for exercise, and donating time or other things to those in need.

Random Acts of Kindness is great, but I like to do that all year-long periodically.  So I’d like to try something a little different for my birthday.  So, how can I inspire others to join me in this already busy times of year?  

Ready, Set, Go!  Inspire me with your ideas!


44th Birthday

Grace is a gift,





6 thoughts on “44. That’s the Number for this Challenge!

  1. Here’s a 3 way combination. Cook up some special treats in your kitchen (cooking). Make 44 goodies bags. (44) Deliver them to nursing home in your area, and make special deliveries of them to 44 rooms that may not otherwise get frequent, if any visitors. (elderly)

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  2. Ooo, I like Deb’s idea. You could choose 44 people over 44 days beginning on the 26th and send personal handwritten notes (you’re pretty good at this already.) 🙂 You could walk laps at the park…but it could be crazy cold….uggg…still thinking. It would be lovely if we could play along too though. Whatever you decide…ask away.


  3. Hey, good thing I read previous replies before writing! Deb had said exactly what I was thinking!! 3 of a kind – could be a sign. Anyway, on to a new idea. You could donate 44 pints of blood. (Always needed)
    4=Mom & daughters Christmas Caroling at 40 homes. Give 44 hours of labor at the local Food Bank and pass out some of your home-made goodies while there.

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