Accomplishing tasks & Remembering

December 4, 2014 signifies something I have never done before, a new accomplishment!

I drove a combine and harvested corn.  Just my hubs and I were in the combine.  He decided it was time for me to learn I guess cause he intigated it.  I was just along for the ride and to have some time with him alone.  (Harvesting corn in December isn’t the norm, but hey we go with the flow!)  

Combine driver

I mean I actually ran the combine and then unloaded it into the semi!  And I didn’t hit anything or screw anything up! 🙂 WHOO HOO! Can you tell I’m proud?  I am, because I tend to let my fear win out.  I’m glad he told me to get in the seat.  We spent time together as we drove the semi to town for fuel and to unload the corn at the elevator after.  

Farm Wife & Farmer

I felt happy today. I mean a true happiness while being outdoors, with him, and helping on the farm.  I was smiling as I walked to the house from the field (cause he said to me “don’t you need steps?“)  

It reminded me of the first date we had.  I came into my house, shut the door, and couldn’t stop smiling.  Seriously.  It was awesome! Current time taking me back to a past memory.  A good one.  A nugget of gold in my safe, my heart.  I’m lucky and I know it.  I just need to keep the times like these in my perspective. The things that matter most are not material items for sure.

Grace is a gift,




2 thoughts on “Accomplishing tasks & Remembering

  1. Woohoo! Congrats for conquering fears and getting something done! {Not sure I could have done it… I still balk at driving stick shift. It’s all mental; I know I can, I just hate it!} Even better that you got some extra Quality Time in the process!!


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