Action Plan 2015 & Showing the Lord’s Love


This was the prayer from my Portals of Prayer devotion today. I love it. It is so true and just what my heart often speaks but I wasn’t sure how to put it in to words.  Kudos to the one that wrote it.

Showing love to others can be a hard task for some.  I have close family members and friends that struggle with this.  There are also those that can show love to a stranger in two minutes of meeting them!  It’s like a talent for them I think!  I’m hoping I am somewhere in between at least.  My ability to care for others is important for me.  I know my ability to do this comes from believing in the Lord. I need to be more of a reflection of his love on a daily basis.

” I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”                                                       Philippians 4:13

There are many opportunities during this holiday season to love others, help others, give to others.  But what about the rest of the year?  How can we reach out and show love to others when it’s not the holiday season?  Random acts of kindness  – enter that in Pinterest and you will receive all kinds of ideas!  Some are costly but alot of them are not.  So as we head into the new year in a few short weeks, how about we start making an action plan how we can show love, help others, and give to others in 2015!  

Start making your ideas list now, there will be a post in the future to share them! 

Grace is a  gift,



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