Treasures to Heirlooms = Grateful Heart

I thought I had nothing to write about today.  All that changed this evening about 7: 30 pm.  That’s when I was given one of the ultimate gifts of my life.  I am still so excited and in shock from being one particular lady’s prayer partner this year.

Here’s the back story.  I belong to a Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML).  In this group, each year we draw names.  Your prayer partner/sister in Christ is who you will pray for throughout the year.  You may also send cards or little gifts and it to be kept a secret. At the  December meeting we gather for food, fellowship, laughter, singing, and to share gifts with our prayer partners revealing who we are.

There is one lady in particular that most of us would like to be our prayer partner.  She is not only a beautiful soul, perky, kind, bring fun to the room genuine person, she is an artist.  A very talented one I might add.  Tonight I was shocked because I had no clue who my prayer partner was.  To my surprise it was E.  So, that meant I was the recipient of this.


Church painting 2014
no use of this photo is allowed without permission from owner.


Just typing it now it makes me want to cry, don’t worry they are tears of joy.  THAT’S how very special it is to me.  Not only because it is  “homemade” or a creation by the giver themselves, but because it is my families home church.  This is a portrait of where my husband was baptized, confirmed, and married (to me).  It is where my youngest daughter was baptized and hopefully will be confirmed and married.  It will be the place for final goodbyes for my spouse and I as well we hope.  It is the location ( different building) where my husband’s father was baptized and confirmed.  We all worship there. Together. There are generations from my husband’s family that have worshiped here.

God is everywhere.  But this building is a place of solitude, peace, and a place I can come to lift praise to my Father.  Where I can join with others who support me more in my life than I ever thought possible.  A place where my child can feel safe and I know those around her will teach her as I would want her to be taught.  It’s a place that less than 10 years ago I wasn’t so comfortable in, but now  I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share this with you and to have the ladies of LWML as friends.  They love like no others, they guide very well, help others often, prepare funeral dinners, and they deeply care.

E.  I loved you before I was the recipient of this portrait.  I love you even more because it gives me a piece of you in my home, which is a true treasure. This treasure will become an heirloom for our family.  Our daughter will inherit it and hopefully generations to come will come to know the story of the artist that created it, the love of our church home, and how God had it all planned out from so very long ago.

Grace is  a gift,



*No use of the photo is allowed without owners permission.  

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