Weight-less Wednesday

I’m on my 142nd post today.  I decided since I have 223 left I need to come up with some ideas for posts topics!  Here’s the deal, I have a Fitbit, which seems to motivate me most days.  And when it doesn’t motivate me I do have some good friends and both of my older daughters that seem to step in too.  I’m lucky that way! 🙂  I need to eat healthier and keep moving.  When I move, my mood is improved, my attitude is better, and eventually I can dress for looks more than comfort.

My little friend.


So, I’m setting some Wednesdays over here at the blog for my Weight-less Wednesdays.  A place to journal about this thing called losing some poundage and better skin and mindset from eating healthier/exercising.


Weightless Wednsdays

I know what you are thinking…. why in the world would she do this to herself in December?  Well, I actually started a couple weeks ago and I have decided a few things to start. So far they are working and yes I often am talking to myself out loud.


#1 – Keep moving. That’s what is important. Keep moving.

#2- Water intake.  No matter how much you are on the toilet, DRINK UP GIRLFRIEND!

#3-Veggies and Fruits are my friend but I will always be a Beef girl.  Farm raised.  But they go together nicely.

#4 – Reduce junk food and bread, don’t stop completely cause I will fail.

#5- USE YOUR FRIENDS.  Even if it drives them nuts.  Support. Support. Support.

#6-Portion control.

Hopefully you can find some humor in my Weight-less Wednesday posts and we can laugh together.  I mean really, what is better than laughter…. maybe a Fried nut roll from Daylight donuts??? Ok no it’s not! Ding dongs?  No no it isn’t! Homemade chocolate caramels?  NO NO NO!  #laughterrocks #strongdeterminedwoman #empoweredbyotherwomen #icandothis

Grace is a gift,



Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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