Honesty Days

Honesty Days

1.  You know you are with a true (girl) friend when you are telling her how the doctor was talking to you about your high weight, then he leaves the room, and I say outloud all I want  to do is eat a cheesecake.  She’s totally gets you cause she got why I wanted the cheesecake and NOT a salad! #girlriendsrock

2. I need to work on being proud of myself.  Let’s start now.  I’m proud of myself for still walking almost daily and the cold isn’t keeping me from it.  I’m proud cause I drink more water and I’m proud that I’m getting through December without a meltdown.

3. Getting a gift that totally wasn’t expected and you are still reeling from the awesome moment is pretty cool.  Now where to hang it? Where to hang it?

4. Homemade Chocolate Caramels.  I just ate like 5.  Yes the doctor is concerned but I’m not at the moment, my mouth is full of chocolate goodness.

5. Our dog cost us more in medical expenses this year than our six year old daughter.  I’m glad my daughter was well and healthy but really?  Talk about a high maintenance dog!

6. Pizza and Soda.  They go together, there is just not denying that.

7. This photo I took, I think it seduces one in and makes you think.  The center tree is not the prettiest but it fits here. I think it makes the entire picture.  Just my opinion.

Cementary Tree

8.  I think it really sucks that a certain store that starts with K and has rewards and “cash” won’t let me use my 30% off coupon for a new fitbit.  I used one on a gift in November but now they won’t let me.  I think I spend enough there in a year to make up the discount I’m getting.  Seriously.

9. I’m presenting a quote this week, it’s been awhile since I did that.  I feel a little rusty.

10. My closet.  It’s a mess. It drives my spouse crazy but he never says too much.  I’m kinda lucky like that. 🙂

11. It’s Advent season.  I’m enjoying it so.  It’s super cool to hear the stories from my six year old’s mouth. God is Good!




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