When what you read speaks to you

When what you read speaks to you.  When that occurs, for me, it’s a delightful bit of sunshine in my day.  You know, when you are reading a blog post, book, bible verse, bible story, newspaper, or whatever it may be and all of a sudden it clicks!  It takes you to that thought-provoking time when you start thinking of how it relates to your life, it ignites interest in you, and you want to consume more.  You want to continue reading or studying the subject more or find someone to talk to about it.  Or perhaps it is just something that you needed reminded of, either way it’s a good thing.

That’s what happened to me today.  It’s Sunday, I was doing my daily devotion from the Lutheran Portals of Prayer.  Reading Deuteronomy 6:4-25 was long but it peaked and kept my interest.  While reading it I kept thinking this is how I should be raising my daughter. I wanted to share it with my spouse, to discuss it further, and grow my knowledge.  When I can’t understand something in the Bible, he’s a good resource.  He was gone, so our discussion had to wait.

But here is the deal.  One of the lines in the devotion was “God is a God of action.”  I love that.  I can imagine Jesus moving.  Moving from one person to another sharing his love, healing those sick, and teaching the disciples in my mind.  I can imagine him laying his hand on my shoulder and saying “Julie, go.  Make a difference to others, love others, care for others.  Teach your children well.”  

Next year has some goals set forth.  Goals, that without God probably won’t be successful no doubt.  I might take the slow path to get to the end of those goals, but I will make it.  I will stop when needed and rest in the arms and words of our Lord Jesus Christ to carry me through.

Have you read anything lately that has inspired you, reminded you, peaked your interest?  I’d love to hear you story, your description of how you lived in that moment!

Grace is a gift,


Share your Grace by commenting! I'd love to learn, grow, and get to know you all!

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