Weight-less Wednesday 12-17-14

Weightless Wednsdays


  1. I haven’t lost any real poundage yet, but I am able to wear my pants and not feel like they will rip the moment I bend over! 🙂 Small celebrations people!  Small celebrations!
  2. I wonder if it’s confusing to my six year old when I did the following this past Saturday.  I completed a walking workout in our living room, took her to town, proceeded to purchase donuts for us, I ate said donuts, then went for a walk at the park in the misty drizzling morning rain.
  3. I had a running streak of 10,000 steps per day.  It was for six days.  Monday of this week I just felt like relaxing a bit.  I ended up with 6877 steps that day.  I’m still proud of myself!
  4. I now enjoy walking outside more than I used to. In fact I will bundle up and hit the walking path even if its 32 degrees out.  Well, unless the Kansas wind is blowing like it was Monday. HORRIBLE!
  5. I can’t use the excuse of weather any longer though.  Our High school has a new gym and M-F 8-4 I can walk daily on the upper level.  It will be nice, now just to get myself there!
  6. I have stopped logging my food. I know it’s  a mistake.  I am still trying to be concious of what I eat and portions.  Portions is a big thing for me.
  7. Two Christmas celebrations with family this weekend, how do you think that’s going to go down?  Food wise I mean?  🙂
  8. Whether I lose weight or not this daily walking thing has to continue because my mood and attitude is SO MUCH better! Seriously, if I have slacked off or skip my walks, watch out hubs and kiddo!  GROUCHO comes to mind here!
  9. I got on the elliptical this week, to get steps on a rainy day.  I had to dust it first!  Before you start cheering me I might add something.  I only did level 1 for thirty minutes.  I used to be able to do 30 minutes, several levels, and loved it.  (I will do that again someday, mark my words!)
  10. Homemade chocolate caramels.   Do I really need to say anymore?

What do you think of this post?  Is it motivating, funny, boring, or helpful?

Grace is a gift,





3 thoughts on “Weight-less Wednesday 12-17-14

  1. I was finally up with the Wii this morning and discovered that I lost 3.3 lbs in the 10 days that E was in the hospital. Not the weight loss program that I recommend however…and I’m thinking some of it was probably muscle lost while sitting around waiting for the poor boy to heal.
    Good job Julie! So proud of you for walking in the cold and so thrilled that you have another place you can go to get some of those steps in! Also, six days at 10,000…very nice! 🙂


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