Graves and Grieving

Normally I am not one of the those people who visits the graves of deceased loved ones.  I think it’s because I know that they aren’t really there.  I can still grieve and miss them without sitting next to a headstone.  Don’t get angry, I know that some people need that and want that.  It’s ok, it’s a free world.  I don’t hold it against anybody for dealing with grief in any manner.  Grieving is important to heal, so carry on!

The reason I am writing about this today is I had planned to make a road trip to the cemetary where my Dad is buried this week.  My daughter and I had made a Christmas wreath to put on his grave and we wanted to see his headstone that had been set.  I thought it might be nice to put a Christmas decoration on it this year since the stone needed to be looked at anyway.

We didn’t get to go.  The weather turned bad and it’s about an hours drive from our farm.  Not sure if we will make it there before Christmas.  I’m not totally heartbroken by this but a tad sad I suppose.  Mostly because this year we won’t have a family meal with him, we won’t get to hear how much he loves our cooking, and I won’t receive one of those hugs.

Maybe someday again though.

Grace is  a gift and grieving is part of this broken world,



Cementary Tree


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