Thinking box and pedicures oh my!

I have decided that our SUV is my youngest daughters “thinking box.”  It seems, quite often, when we are traveling to school or back home or anywhere she will just say the funniest or out of no where things!  I might add that we do not allow her to watch a DVD player unless we are going on a trip that is an hour or longer.  Her Dad is one that looks all around and appreciates nature and farm fields too much to allow that!

Back to the story, as we were driving somewhere the other night out of the blue, and I mean it was silent in the car,  she says the following.

“I would like another pedicure.”

Here is why that is so funny.  #1 there was no conversation at all in the recent days, hours, or minutes about pedicures.  #2 she has only had ONE pedicure, which was back in August with her sisters and I.

Her Dad and I just smiled and slowly began to inquire as to where this came from.

She stated in her most profound and “you should already know this tone” “What?  I just like pedicures!” She also told us “I just like to have my feet in warm water and to relax.”  I guess the life of a six year old is pretty rough!

Dad:  “Great. Now she will want one every month!”

Me: Just smiling.

Her thinking cap was turned on, her memory was present.  I think the memory section of our brains is a lovely place.  It’s incredible when a child starts remembering things like memories and talks about them later I believe.  As I get older my memory isn’t as good, which bothers me to no end because I have always had a good memory for the most part!

I’m not sure when her next pedicure will be, I don’t want a spoiled child, I didn’t have my first until I was in my 30’s!  I told her perhaps she could ask for one for her birthday, she has a couple aunts and a sister that likes them!   (HINT HINT) 🙂


No use of this photo is allowed by anyone but the owner.
No use of this photo is allowed by anyone but the owner.

So, I think it’s good we shut the electronics off and put our thinking and reminiscing caps on!  I know I need to do that more often! How about you?

Grace is a gift,




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