Reading Blog Posts

I’m a horrible blog friend.  Really I am.  I have a hard time keeping up on reading my friend’s blog posts and I feel guilty.  Actually it doesn’t even need to be a blog friend.  It could be a stranger’s blog that I follow and I have a hard time keeping up with them.  I find myself at the computer and when I’m there I usually have a few things to do.

1.  Write posts for my two blogs, which seems to take longer than it really should in my mind.

2. Do farm book work and personal book work for our family.

3. Church things

4. Insurance quotes and business

5. Skim Facebook newsfeed too many times.  Maybe this one needs to be removed.

6. Emails.

I can’t and do not want to spend my entire day at the computer, so I make myself get off for sure by noon.  I normally don’t get on until 9 or 10am.  I’m curious how much time do you spend a week reading blog posts?   Do you have a set time limit?

Thanks for the advice, grace is  a gift,





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