Order of Learning the Basics

I had to be a firm parent when dealing with our six-year-old this past weekend.  We feel she is old enough to participate in worship services to some degree.  Although Lutheran services entail a lot of standing up, sitting down, liturgy, and slower hymns it’s time she began participating more.  I came to this congregation and it took me awhile to appreciate the reality of how wonderful this type of service can be.  How very meaningful it can be if one let’s their heart open and allow God to encompass them.

We are not super strict and she has attended worship services since we returned from the state she was born in, so in reality she knows the routine, and is respectful of it the majority of the time. Don’t get me wrong, she has caused disruption in church services and we don’t mind young children in church. To be honest having them there means the church is growing.  The word is being taught to those young and old, together.  It’s a good thing.  There are times when the six-year-old will turn to me during  a sermon, and when I didn’t think she was listening I’m proven wrong.  

I had to get firm in the respect that she is old enough to stand when we stand and pray when we pray.  She still plays during church and  yes even on occasion has a snack tucked away in my purse.  But here’s the thing, if she can sit in a classroom during the day collecting all the knowledge of how to function in this world through writing and reading and arithmetic why wouldn’t I want her learning about the most important thing in life.


She may turn out to be a genius or make it through college top of her class, but I will always stand by the fact that she didn’t get there alone.  She didn’t grasp the concept of adding or reading without the grace of God guiding her or Him placing people in her life to teach her those things.  As I have mentioned before I didn’t grow up in a church going family and when I was having issues in life I didn’t know God was there.  I didn’t know I had God to care for me.  The last thing I want is for her to grow up feeling anything like that.

Here is the basics from Julie’s perspective.

I want her to be able to read, write, and do math, but at the same time I believe knowing the stories of the bible, believing in the Lord, and living a life that He wants her to is just as important those first three if not more. Cause let’s face it, if HE wasn’t in her life, those other three would be harder to learn.  Just my opinion on life!

Grace is a  gift,






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