Grieving and Giving – Honoring Others

Dad was at the back of my mind the weeks prior to the holiday and my birthday.  Our family normally gathered with Dad a few times a year, but not on the actual holiday.  I would receive a birthday card from him, usually a few days prior to my actual birthday.  This year I didn’t of course.  This year there was no shopping for a gift for him or watching him enjoy a good home cooked meal.  Just the memories of my Dad in my mind is what is left.

As we traveled yesterday to donate blood I was taken back to August.  As my husband took the exit and drove down the street it was oh too familiar to me.  We were headed to drive right past the hospital I had made memories with my Dad the last few weeks of his life.  A sadness came over me and bitter memories arrived in my head.   But as soon as we drove into the parking lot of the donation building I knew it was time to focus on giving to others.  To change my sadness into gladness.

I decided I was donating blood in honor of my Dad on my 44th birthday.  Turning my sadness into something giving is one way I can honor him.  I know he wouldn’t want me sad.  Heck, he might even be proud of me if he knew I was donating! 🙂

I still haven’t made it to the cemetary yet either, but honestly knowing my Dad, he probably doesn’t mind.  I miss his hugs.

Grace is a gift,


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