2015 – Word of the Year

2015 is here.  There’s no stopping it!

In 2014 I had a different position career wise and my word for the year ended up being Brave.  When I chose that word and wrote 8 Weeks & My 2014 Word I didn’t realize that my being brave involved me quitting  a job.  Some might say that quitting isn’t being brave but they weren’t sitting in my shoes, so they can go screw themselves!

It took a lot of bravery to sit across a desk and tell someone who took a chance on me and that I respected a lot that I couldn’t do it any longer.  I wasn’t happy, my family wasn’t happy, and the worry consumed me.  Five months later and I am so glad I was brave enough.  Taking that incredibly hard step in life has brought me to a place of much peace, happiness, passion, and joy.  Don’t get me wrong, not all my days are beautiful stories like in books and worry still comes.  But it’s handled better, my child enjoys me being here, and my spouse seems to like my help on occasion on the farm. Or at least someone to ride with him while doing the farm work!

As I said, 2015 is a new year and with it I think I will choose a word once again.  I’ve chose a life statement so obviously I think my word should encompass that.  I will keep brave within me and add giving.   My 2015 word is GIVING.

Giving 2015 Word

I began applying the word early, if you recall for my 44th birthday I am taking a journey in giving via blood donations and handwritten letter writing. (#pfwg44thbirthday)  It may be a small start but I do have high hopes. To start a chain of events of giving.  Inspiring others to step outside their comfort zone and journey with me into the giving sector!

Do you choose a word for each new year?  I’d love to hear it and the story behind why! Comment below! Join us in sharing the opportunities given to us in grace!

Grace is a gift,





2 thoughts on “2015 – Word of the Year

  1. Giving is a fantastic word for 2015! My 2015 is going to be so very different from the past six years. My words, if i can have more than one is going to have to be, “Embrace Change”. Here’s to a wonderful 2015 filled with giving!!


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