In the Arms Of

2014 ended with me in the arms of my husband and 2015 began in the same manner.  Those arms have fit tightly around me for almost 12 years.  In that time span those arms have held me for various reasons, some joyous some not so much.  There have been times those arms have had to stop me from hurting myself or others, given me the security to calm my nerves, and expressed love as only should be between a husband and wife.

In all these embracing moments one thing has been extended to me.  God’s Love.  My spouse would not be capable of expressing God’s love if he did not believe in God himself.  He extends to me (and others) much love and grace on a daily basis, and I know as his wife there are days I do not deserved my husband’s grace, love, or patience due to my own sinful nature.

But God has provided my husband with the Gospel and Law to take him through this life.  HE has also provided me (and you) with it.  It encompasses us to travel these roads of life and make decisions with help.  To conquer fears and guide others as He would need us to.  Rejoicing in moments to glorify Him.

Whomever is extending love to you today, I pray it is with a full heart of Jesus.   May the arms that surround you be ones that bring you comfort, love, or peace.

Grace is a  gift,



Kissing Milo Fields 002


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