Weight-less Wednesday

Weightless Wednsdays

Some were written back in December and some in January.

1.  I slipped into a pair of my jeans that were not fitting last week.  Now before you start giving me a standing ovation and clapping let me tell you they were by no means comfortable… yet!  I got them on, I got them buttoned and zipped!  WHOO HOO!  I even sat down in them. I made myself wear them most of the day.  Why?  Because I now only  have one pair of comfy jeans in my 5 pairs of jeans that take up space in my closet!

2. I had two comfy pairs of jeans.  I had this pair that were kinda worn, that you only wear around home or if you are not doing anything important.  The zipper died.  I hate that.  Guess what,  I almost cried.  So yes, I took them to a seamstress and got a new zipper in my worn comfy jeans.  They haven’t given up on me and  I WILL not give up on them…. yet!

3.  As of today I’ve walked 1,718,896 steps since July 2014.  Whoo hoo! Feeling good about that!

4. My daughters continue to invite me to these “challenges” on Fitbit.  It’s actually a good motivator and fun! If you have one try it with your friends!

5. I did get a new Fitbit One. LOVE IT!   Gave the hubs the Fitbit Zip I had.  He has been wearing it and of course gets at least 10,000 steps per day without even trying.  The man doesn’t sit down much!

6. Ok after weighing myself after the holidays I have gained weight of course.  SO, I have decided to get serious with this healthier eating and moving more!  I am logging my food on myfitnesspal.com and it syncs with my Fitbit. Very cool and helpful.  I have a friend that is checking in with me daily and it’s already helping ALOT!

7. My daughter is getting married September 19th, so that is one reason.  The others are that my cholesterol is slighting increased and I have young children to be active and happy for! Also I WANT TO FEEL GOOD!  Which I already do!

8. Drinking 80 plus ounces of water is doable.  Seriously, it is in one day!

9. My leg is better but not 100%, but I can walk faster after I warm up! Good things are coming!

That’s all I got today folks. What is one positive in regards to your health that you have made this week?  Did you stop drinking pop, skipped that poptart, or stopped smoking?  Did you walk from your office to the bottom floor of your office building verses taking the elevator?  GOOD FOR YOU! Thanks for joining me!

Grace is a gift!



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