Hawk & Grace – Short story by PV and JV

I decided I wanted to do something different with my six-year-old daughter over her Christmas break from school.  The idea came to mind to write a story together and then post it here on the blog.  I wanted most of the ideas to come from her for the story line and then I would add in what I needed to make it flow.  She is the illustrator and co-author.  Introducing our first written collaboration!

Hawk & Grace – A story about a friendship between a horse and dog.

Grace and Hawk

Grace was a dog that lived in the city with her humans Bob and Leah.  Bob and Leah decided to go to the country one weekend and see a rodeo.  They took Grace with them as she went everywhere with them! Grace was so excited to go, she thought the drive was so long she would burst!  They arrived at the rodeo shortly before it began!

Grace Car

Hawk was a horse that performed in the rodeo with his human named Leah.  They began their performance as usual and then all of a sudden Lucy noticed something following them around the arena!  A  dog was chasing them!

Grace chasing

Grace was so excited about being at the  rodeo she wanted to join in!  Bob and Leah were not sure what to do!

Lucy stopped and picked up Grace.  She didn’t want her getting hurt and decided it would be fun to have Grace perform with Hawk and her!  They finished the performance and Grace was so happy!  Hawk was excited to meet his new friend!  They gathered together.


Grace asked Hawk “will you be my friend?” and Hawk replied with much happiness “YES!”  They became best buds really fast!


Lucy, Bob, and Leah were talking.  The rodeo crowd really enjoyed Grace being a part of their act.  Lucy decided to ask Bob and Leah if Grace could continue performing with Hawk.

Gathered together

Bob and Leah discussed it and decided to let Grace become a rodeo dog!

Hawk & Grace became stars of the rodeo circuit and also best friends!

The End.

I hope you enjoyed our little story. It’s a memory I hold dear to my heart and hopefully she will too!
Grace is a gift,



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