Psalm 19 & How it helped our marriage

In my devotion time today I was lucky enough to be pointed to Psalm 19.  After reading it I found myself thinking on it and knowing it was placed before me for a reason.

See, it was time to have a discussion with my spouse.  One that normally would be where I am  dictating something and possibly bringing him down.  One that I would need to be firm and bring my point across in the only manner I know.  But it wasn’t that kind of conversation at all.  Instead it was civil, honest, apologetic, and interchanging amongst two people who love one another very much.  Only 11.5 years in and we are starting to get this thing right, yep we are slow learners! 🙂  I am grateful for hearing the word today and writing it out in my prayer notebook to further solidify the need of it in my life.

Back to Psalm 19.  The very last section is one I had heard before but I do believe it would benefit me immensely to memorize it.  

Psalm 19;14


The entire Psalm is needed though.  Each word, verse, and event.  To get us to the point of that last verse.  The one that really speaks to our hearts,  that makes us look at ourselves very closely.  To examine if we are speaking to others as we should.  Take few minutes to read Psalm 19.  I encourage you to.  It’s good.  Really good.

Psalm 19

Grace is a gift,






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