Moments to Capture

As a mother I have had many moments in my life of having  a child act not to accordingly.  Three daughters later and one grandaughter it was bound to happen, am I right?  There was the child that slipped into my bed each night until my second one was almost making her appearance.  The night we decided to break the habit, it’s still etched in my mind!  Not a pretty one, not my daughter’s best performance, but I know it was partly my fault.

Or the middle daughters tantrums that could rule the world that seemed to hit each time we were in the store, which on two or three occasions landed us in the ER.  Only because the stubborn child did not want to be the in the cart and decided it would be fun to jump out to prove her point of getting her way.  Head verses retail store floor, not a best performance either.

Or the way the youngest used to crawl into her Dad’s lap in church when in the mother’s eyes she was too old and needed to sit in the pew correctly or she has used that snobby voice while in company of others.  Not the best performances again.

But here’s the deal, although those are all etched in my brain, there are also great performances of life from each one.  I suppose since I started this post off alittle negative you might like to hear some of those huh?  🙂  Here goes some of my children’s grand performances from the view of their mother.

  • The way the oldest daughter would snuggle up into the crook of my arm and sleep.
  • The way the middle daughter allowed me to tuck her in for quite sometime and we had our own little verbage we said nightly.
  • Hearing any of my three daughters read as youngsters, especially when just starting out.
  • My middle daughter’s speech at her Dare graduation.
  • Watching my oldest daughter attempt to make a blended family work.
  • The youngest when she chooses to be the kinder person, although she is hurting from words of other kids.
  • Seeing the three of them together doing anything from laughing, coloring, or playing a game. This one brings me much happiness.
  • When I receive a call from the middle daughter in regards to all things kitchen.
  • When the oldest values my opinion although she is 26 years old.
  • Hearing the youngest state something matter of fact, that I know for a fact her Dad taught her it.
  • The laugh from my middle daughter, especially when it’s coming from some act that her younger sister or niece has done.
  • Work ethic.  When the, especially the two older ones, make a committment and work hard.
  • Watching my oldest daughter endure the pain of labor and childbirth.

There are many more memories I could list but I won’t.  The point of today’s post is, the moments to capture may not always be beautiful, joyous, and fun.  They might be the struggles with discipline, wiping tears from a heartbreak, praying often for the child who wants a child of her own, or just listening to them.

No matter the moment, take it, hold it, and cherish it.  I’m grateful for all three of my daughters that God allowed me to be Mom to. I hope I can be sure to remember to cherish the good and bad with them.



Grace is a gift,


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