Prayer Partners

The feeling of knowing someone is regularly praying for me brings me much peace.  I have several friends that if I ask them to pray for me they will.  But there’s something reassuring about knowing that one individual person in this big ol’ world is specifically taking time to pray for me and my family.

At the end of each year, my Lutheran Women’s Mission League has a drawing.  Each lady is given a another member’s name to pray for each year. You can remember them in other ways as well, with cards and gifts on special days in their lives. But the one I like best is the one where no matter what, someone has my back via praying.

It brings me a sense of not only peace but protection.  I also have someone to pray for each year from this group.  Praying specifically for another one of these ladies brings me a sense of responsiblity and a feeling of being needed.  The other person doesn’t know I am praying for them, only that someone is.

Come December the names will become known and new ones will be given.  With the new year here, I have begun  prayers for this woman of faith.  If you do not have a prayer partner, I highly recommend it.  To find someone to deligently pray for you and vice versa.  It will bring you both an accountability and inspiration.

Grace is a gift,



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