Humble Bakery

I have this friend that is hilarious and one smart dude.  He styles a Carhart coat in the nicest establishments in the city with class and if there was a hashtag contest he would win hands down!   Oh and this guy’s family is one of the best to be around.  There’s two littles and a wife that is wise beyond her years.  They live a life of modesty and share abundant personalities that will make you want to schedule a time with them as soon as possible when the current one is over!

This friend loves my Amish White Bread I make.  No that isn’t the reason for the first paragraph of super compliments for this guy! I really do mean all that I wrote! Honest!  You’d love him too if you could meet him! Get this, he’s an engineer even!  🙂 

Anyway back to the bread. You will notice the name of this post is Humble Bakery.  In our text conversations after one of his partaking of the bread I made we were conversing and I mentioned I was just the humble baker.  He then  came back with some witty line with Humble Bakery attached.

I like it.  In fact I love the name, and if I had time I’d setup a third blog and name it the Humble Bakery Blog!   I’d share baked goods there and live amongst high carbs in splendor!  But I don’t have time for another blog, so I think I will just continue to bake some bread and send to my friend (and others).

The point of my post today is just to share the joy that was brought to me.  Everyone likes to be complimented and loved on right?  I mean really it is a wonderful past time if I say so myself.  To be the recipient of compliments.  My “bread friend”  brought to me a shimmer of light on a pretty dark day, just via a text.  To thank me, express the joy he had in partaking of something I made with my own hands.  (not even a bread machine I might add) This was one simple task and it meant so much to me.

I hope I can be that kind of friend to others.  To lift them up and bring them joy via the simplest things. How about you?  How do you feel about sharing joy with others?  Have you been the recipient lately  this type of joy?  Do share! 🙂

Grace is a gift,


This is not the Amish White Bread, it’s the 3 grain bread I recently made! 🙂

3 grain bread


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