Conversations to Your Children – When You’re Gone

Do you by chance keep a journal or scrapbook or some other sort of documentation for your children of their lives?  The “baby book” is where I started, then I moved onto a spiral notebook, and now it’s these three journals.

Children's journals


With my first child I did very well at writing on a monthly basis, then it dwindled.  Life got busy and baby number two arrived, but I still documented for her, as well as number three.  I take lots of pictures but I don’t make scrapbooks like I used to, and I don’t print many.  The journals are not written in monthly any longer but they have tidbits of life here and there.  I’m honest in them, so when times were at a difficult stage I wrote honestly about it.  The joys and hardships all create us to be who we are, we might as well remember them together.

Some of my entries are handwritten and some are typed.  I hope that when my daughters are grown and they get the journals it will bring them some joy, peace, and a memoir they can cherish.    Perhaps I will jog a memory they have forgotten or that they will think “yep Mom was right on that one!”  🙂

After my own Dad passed away last year, I relish the fact that I have done these journals to begin with.  The letters, the notes, the cards, and miscellanious writings I found from him are precious to me.

If you have a journal for your children of some sort, what is it?  Please share to inspire someone else or me!

Grace is a gift,



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