When the crosses in my home mean nothing.

If you come into my home, you will see things that reflect who I am.  As I stood in my living room one day this past week I saw things that reflected my Christian faith.

There was a portrait painted of the church my family attends,  a cross, and a sign that reflects words from a hymn.  If you make your way to my bedroom there are two crosses and my home office has items of faith as well.

But none of these things matter if I’m not living a life of a Christian.  If I am only for show, as these items are, then my life means nothing.  If I’m not caring for others and giving to them, loving, and feeding faith with the Word, I’m not being who God intended.  Jesus saved me from my sins.

Yes I will never measure up to Jesus here on earth.  I will sin daily and make my way to the altar to partake of his body and blood.  I will pray for those words I shouldn’t have said,  and thoughts I now feel guilty for thinking.  The sins I have I will lay upon the breast of Jesus and say, take from me a poor miserable sinner.  He will take.  He will replenish me through his Word, Confession, and Sacraments.

The faith decor can be in my home, but if you come across my path,  and you find me not being the example that Jesus gave. Stop me and take me aside.  Let’s visit for a while, please be tender and use the bible to guide me.  Come with me and join me in this life, one where eternal life has been given.  To you and me.

Grace is a gift,





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