Psalm 119: 1-8

A recent daily devotion included Psalm 119: 1-8.  It brought to the forefront of my mind one particular verse and it stuck with me.

“Blessed are those who keep his testimonies, who seek him with their whole heart,”  Psalm 119:2

That last section really struck me.  I kept repeating it in my head, wondering if I truly am loving Him with my whole heart.  I do believe my “seeking” has grown over the years and my desire to be in the word as well. It causes me to really examine my heart and be sure I am loving Him with my whole heart.

I’m not sure if it was placed in front of me to make me analyze or to stop and truly look at myself.  All I know is that Psalm 119:1-8 spoke to me not only in this line but in my study bible section as well.

As I studied the Psalm there is a section in my Lutheran Study Bible that states:

“By this very act (of prayer) they declare that they cannot get those things that they ask of God from their own natural powers.”

We can not get anything without God.  All things come from Him.  What are your thoughts on loving him whole heartedly and receiving his gifts.

Grace is a gift,



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