Weight- Less Wednesday 1/21/2015

Weightless Wednsdays


Good morning my fine followers!  I just want to say that this new healthier lifestyle definately has it’s perks!  I mean here I am with more energy than I have had in a very long time!  That’s just one.  The other is the pride I am feeling at making SMALL accomplishments!  I’m not quite ready to share about my amount of weight loss but let’s just say it’s moving in the right direction!  DOWN!

I’m off to the grocery again today to get fresh produce.  I will be purchasing apples, oranges, bananas (my daily pre-workout buddy), grapes, and some veggies.  What type of fruit is your favorite?  I probably need to expand my fruit and vegetable tastes but at this point I’m sticking with this!

I am going to give My Fitness Pal another plug this week.  It’s not a paid endorsement.  Last night when I was finally digging around on their site I found that I can see my daily or weekly breakout of my carbohydrates, fat and protein.  I really like this, I can refer back or check throughout my day!  I like the pie chart, but you can do a different type of chart as well.

my fitness pal


My daily routine is to walk for an hour.   I have to start out slow due to my leg.  I have been LOVING the fact that I can walk outside the past few days.  Just bundled up a little and go!  Today I will be heading back to the gym, so my music will be up and going no doubt! If I take a little break in the middle and massage my lame leg for a few moments it does help to complete the last section of my workout.  This is hard for me to stop and sit down, but if it makes me work harder after I need to keep that in mind!

I find that when I am eating I am paying more attention to my body and I’ve never really done that before.  Even when we eat out!

Since I have a six year old at home I have to be careful of how I talk and how I am explaining why I am measuring and counting calories.  I do not want to have her think that I’m doing it for reasons that aren’t appropriate.  She’s at a learning age, so this is a great opportunity to teach.  She is a super great support I might add. She compliments me on my 21 day Challenge and how I did that day!


Speaking of the 21 day Challenge, it’s going well too.  I have only had two days that I really wanted chocolate and some of that was just the mind playing tricks of course!  I made it through!  I do prefer the white tortillas to whole wheat but I am eating those verses the white ones.  I love bread so when I found Sara Lee 45 calorie whole wheat bread I was happy.  It’s not too bad, maybe not as soft as others, but it works!

I had a friend visit this past week and she brought Snickerdoodle cookies made with coconut oil.  I did eat a couple and they were delish, but I still stayed within my calorie range that day.  Eating the cookie I realized it tasted better than if I just mindlessly ate like I used to.  I hope these habits stick with me!

It’s ok to indulge, just remember in moderation!  Share your portion with others!  Take half home!

I think that is about it for today! I hope you are enjoying this journey and let me know of any fruits and vegetables you think I should try!  I love carrots and sweet potatoes roasted! YUM!

Grace is a gift,



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