Psalm 139


As I began my devotion time today I found myself in Psalm 139: 1-18.  This particular Psalm brought to me a reassurance of things.   Perhaps I needed reassurance or maybe I just hadn’t dug deep enough into this particular part of God’s word.  Either way I find myself intrigued, thankful, and more at peace than I was when I awoke this morning.

The part that stuck out most is:

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.”


“My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.”

I mean just breathe that in will you!  If you let it fall upon you and make its way to your heart it will open you up to feel a love only God himself can provide.  HE knew us.  He knows us.  He  cared for us when we were preparing to live outside the womb.

When my youngest daughter was in the womb there are things I assume and some I know that did not occur.  One of them,that for sure didn’t occur is prenatal care.  I assume she didn’t hear the word of God via her birth mother’s precense in church from what I can tell.  Yet this child came to be outside the womb basically healthy.  She was on oxygen for the first 24 hours of life due to fluid in her lungs, but other than that she was healthy.  She struggled some when she was little with breathing and caught viruses easily just as other children.  But for the most part, this six-year-old has been healthy and growing fine. In fact, she has not only grown in her physical well-being but in the word of God which I am glad for both.

Our God takes care of all creation and as the newest creation is made inside a woman HE is there to orchestrate it.  Reading these words today not only made me realize how very precious life is (in or out of the womb) but that God knew us before our mother’s did and how He finds us of value, even as an inkling.

That’s a reassurance I like to feel.  That’s a gift, just as life is.

Grace is a gift,




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