Items I like!

fitbit one

My Fitbit. Seriously. It was one of the best purchases I made, although the Fitbit Zip didn’t properly work after replacing the original battery it came with. BUT got me moving and it got me thinking about my health! Since that occurred we bought me a Fitbit ONE. Should have just spent the extra money and got it since it’s rechargeable. Don’t worry the Zip wasn’t a waste of money, my hubs is using it now.  Challenging each other is our past time now! 🙂

target jacket

My Target jacket. I was shopping one day in Target. I saw a plum jacket for $10.00 on sale. THIS is my buddy! I love it! I can layer up to walk and I love the color!

tech gloves

My Orschelin tech gloves. In reality these were a gift, which led me to buy a second pair. There is usually one pair in my car at all times. I love them! Thanks to the friend that led me to them and bonus, they are inexpensive. So if I lose one, it’s not the end of the world! For Christmas I got them for friends and my older daughters!

neutrogena wipes

Neutragena eye makeup remover cloths. I used to use Neutragena eye makeup remover. But as usual when I find a product I really like, Walmart quits selling it. So I moved onto the cloths. My eyes are sensitive, I tried the Walmart brand but they burned. So the name brand it will be. This way I don’t use lots of kleenex and they can clean my entire face if need be, not just my eyes makeup.

scale joseph joseph

Another gift I received was this Joseph Joseph scale.  It’s small and compact. So if I wanted to throw it in my purse I could!  My friend got it for me and I love it plus the utensils she got from the same place!

myfitnesspal app fitbit app

My Fitness Pal app and the Fitbit app are both a must in my life now.  They keep me on track and are teaching me alot of food intake.  Both are free unless you choose the Premium Fitbit.

Working hands

Working Hands cream is the bomb!  I tell you what! Every winter my one thumb splits and I usually walk around with bandaid after bandaid trying to heal it. I’ve even used super glue to hold it together.  When I was told about this hand cream I tried and have been really pleased! They make it for feet too! It’s next on my list to try!

water cup

My water cup.  It’s just a cup from Walmart but I love it!  It’s bright and fun and holds 20 ounces of water!  I fill up my pitcher for the frig and if I drink it all I’m at 80 ounces at the end of the day!  This cup helps me breeze through that!

phone holder

Last but not least my smart phone holder.  I use this when I walk or workout, I must have music!  I got this one on clearance at Officemax with some birthday money!  Works nice and is a bright color too!

It’s your turn to make a suggestion! I am in need of  a new pair of workout pants.  The two pairs that I got at Walmart five plus years ago are looking alittle too shabby!  When I reach that first goal I have set, my reward is going to be a new pair of workout pants!  Any suggestions?  I’d love to hear your recommendations!

Grace is a gift and it’s worth sharing!




One thought on “Items I like!

  1. Julie,
    The Working Hands Cream is essential and amazing stuff! My water cup is a yellow hard plastic cup from zoetis. My coffee mug is from the local crop insurance lady and is well seasoned.

    One thing that I enjoy and use daily is my notebook/kindle reader. Another thing would be my Twisted X Boat Shoes, they make my feet very happy.

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