Outside the Comfort Zone – Public Speaking

This coming Saturday I will be stepping out of my normal comfort zone and speaking about my blogging experiences.  I was contacted a few months ago and I prayed on it before answering the invitation.  I felt moved through prayer and the stories in my daily devotions regarding Moses to say yes.  The time has arrived (this coming Saturday) that I will be speaking in a somewhat informal manner.

I am excited and yet starting to get nervous about speaking in front of others.  I do believe through work in my bible study, employment,  and meetings at church I have grown in this aspect of my life.  Those experiences in my life has given me confidence and practice in speaking to others.  I think what makes me nervous may not necessarily be that I am in front of people. I think it may be that in my mind I struggle with feeling I am qualified to speak on this subject.

Yes I have blogged for two years at In Between the Sunsets of Life but that doesn’t make me an expert by any means.  I know other bloggers way more qualified, but I presume God led me here because he felt I was ready.  I think to keep my nerves in place I need to remember the following things going in.

Pray prior to presenting.

Remember it’s somewhat informal and in a friendly atmosphere.

I’m speaking on my blogs, my life, and our way of doing things.  It’s not wrong, it’s sharing.

Smile. Smile. Smile.

This will give me practice to only improve my public speaking skills and my confidence of myself.

Since this particular blog seems to be therapeutic for me, I knew I needed to blog about this experience.  So I can reflect back on the times in life I felt insecure and grew from them.

So, if any of you are free on January 31st and plan to be in the area, please register to join us!  You don’t have to be a blogger, you can be interested in the process, my experience, or just want a new event to fill your afternoon! 🙂

Blog Sharing Workshop

Grace is  a gift,




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