Deep Cleaning & Organization

I think I have been channeling my oldest sister this past week.    The reason is because she is the best deep cleaning person I know, and that’s what I have started doing.

Have you ever deep cleaned your washing machine?  I periodically do this but not to the degree I did this week.

washer drawer

I pulled the drawer out that I put my soap, fabric softner, and bleach in.  I looked inside where it sits.  YUCK!  Let me say that again.  YUCK!This is the clean version, under those blue things, it was kinda yucky on some parts!

washer and dryer

Now I know I am married to a guy that works in all kinds of dirt, manure, and various other things in the outdoors, but it was gross in there!  The main issue I think is the fabric softner.  Although I use hardly any and I use the correct type (HE) it still looked pretty bad.  SO!  I cleaned the drawer and then I went to work on the inside with a toothbrush and cloth.  I got pretty much all of it out except some in the crevices apparently I wasn’t meant to get to.  My oldest sister might just be proud of me! 😉

SO!  If you haven’t deep cleaned or even looked in your washer or wiped the rubber parts within the drum, do.  If you take a gander you might decide to get your toothbrush out and get to work!  I will be putting this on my calendar to clean more often!  I am considering changing to dryer sheets, but I really like my fabric softner!

Now the organizing ! I decided to put these labels up because my six year old folds and puts away her own clothes.  She hasn’t quite decided that organization is essential in her young life.

closet organization

The issue is that when she needs a pair of jeans we need two piles.  Here is why.

My child plays on her knees ALL THE TIME!  Which results in, yep you got it!  Holes in her jeans!  She has two really nice pair of jeans that have lovely holes in them.  I know, I could patch them but I haven’t decided I’m ready to tackle that quite yet.  Maybe soon.  I don’t let her wear the holey jeans to school or other than home/farm living.

The issue is that she will grab a pair of holey jeans every school or church or fun day out event we are heading to.  This occurs mostly because she doesn’t take time to look.
So hence…. the labels.  It’s working so far, she even puts them in the right piles when she folds her clothes and puts them away!  Win for Momma I do believe!

Well I’m thinking you have either stopped reading this post because you really don’t care about my deep cleaning and organizing or you are hanging on for a awesome finish.

Here it is….. ready???

Thinking….. thinking…. thinking…

Nope.  I got nothing! 🙂

Grace is a gift (and laughter makes the days better!)



2 thoughts on “Deep Cleaning & Organization

  1. Kids folding laundry – such a beautiful thing! Mine aren’t too good at the putting away part yet, but that’s probably because there is too much in their drawers, which means we are due for another clean out day where we put the stuff that’s too small or worn out in the hand-me-down pile. Way to go with the washing machine! Mine is a top load and I end up with a greasy ring about 3/4 of the way up the tub (I blame my husband’s dirty dirty clothes). I should clean it more often than I do, but I really really hate that job!


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