Stage Fright

The six-year-old that lives in my house was my coach this morning.  Not for basketball or track, not even for working out.  She was my coach in regards to presenting in front of a crowd.

See today I stepped out of my comfort zone and presented at a blog sharing workshop (more on that tomorrow).  I have never spoke on blogging before and this was also in front of some strangers some friends.  I had practiced throughout the week and prayed as well.  But when this morning came around I was feeling a little anxious.

My daughter came and sat on my lap, and I thought about how she makes it look pretty easy getting up in front of people to perform.  I asked her how she does it, how she make it look so easy.  She shrugs her shoulders, looks at me, and says “I’ve been on a stage before and I was kinda nervous, but one of my friends helped me to not be stage fright.”

So I thought about those I knew that were attending today, I prayed, and I told myself if a six-year-old can do it so can I!

Lessons once again from the youngest in our home! Love when that happens!

Lego Fun

Grace is a gift,



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