Baking Cakes and Feeding the Passions

I do love to be in the kitchen.  It’s one of those things though if I don’t continue to feed it, that it will become hard to get back in there.  Kind of like working out, once I’m doing it I seem focused and in a routine I’m all good.  I stepped back in the kitchen this past Sunday to make a cake with my youngest daughter.  It wasn’t homemade but a fun mix by Duff I had seen at the store one day.

cake mix - Copy

Since I was on the 21 Day Challenge cake had not been on my menu, in fact in one day I passed up three birthday cakes!  The cake mix was fun looking and purple, so I knew my little baker would enjoy it!

I wanted to make two round cakes and the first one didn’t come out of the pan quite right, but it still tasted good, and without us even trying we got this!

heart cake

A heart in the middle! How awesome is that!

Our time together was fun and I think it’s important to spend time with the kids when they are little.  I do wish I would have realized that when I was a young mother, but lucky for me my big girls live near me so I can have special times with them often too.

cake mixing - Copy

The kitchen in our home is a place of delight because my husband and I both like to cook.  We will be having our annual couples gathering at the end of the month.  We have the menu chosen and practice runs will begin soon. It will be good to spend time with him in the kitchen, to share our love of cooking with friends and family, and find a passion to feed.

rose vase

Take the time today to figure out what it is that you love to do or did love to do, then figure out a plan to get back into it!  Or if you feel adventurous, try something new!  Find those things in life that feed your passions.

Grace is a gift,




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