Being Present & Knowing Her Personality

My youngest daughter began piano lessons only three weeks ago.  It’s a dream of mine to have her be able to play our favorite songs some day.  Of course at six she was excited to begin, and not that she hates it now, but practicing isn’t as fun as once was.  But today I realized something. Here’s what happened.


I was trying to get her to practice as we were going to be gone all day, neither her Dad or I were in the room.  She would make loud sighs when she messed up and I had only set the timer for 10 minutes.  So finally it hit me, perhaps she needs me there.  Perhaps she wants me there.  So I stopped what I was doing and made my way to our kitchen bar.

I asked her questions about the notes and where she places her hands.  I truly was inquisitive because I do not know anything about piano.  She explained, she played, and still makes sighs when an error would occur.  My mind led me to ask the following.

“Are you to look at the music and memorize where your fingers are to go on the keys?”  She replied yes.  I told her ok, it’s like when I am typing on the computer.  I memorized where the letters on the keyboard are and I don’t look when I type.  I had her stop playing and asked her about the notes and the keys.  She started at the left and played each key simultaneously telling me what key was which.

We began again. I told her, how about you play now, and look at the book if you can.  I went to the other side of the bar, her father at this point was sitting next to her.  She played, not error free but it was good.  Better than before.

I had not really a clue how to handle this situation but  I guess my Mother instinct and my knowledge of my daughter’s personality led me to ask and be present.  She played it for us two more times and I told her she did good. I told her it takes practice and that we will work on it again tomorrow.  She seemed content.

I know not all situations with her will go off this well.  I will fumble and fall flat on my face as a Mother, but I know that I will get back up and try again.  Because she is (and so are her sisters) worth it, every moment I spend being their Mom.

Grace is a gift,





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