Followers how do you come to be?

Followers of the BLog

I’m not really a numbers kinda gal.  Meaning in regards to my two blogs I don’t look daily to see how many people viewed my post, how many visited my blog, or shared my posts on social media.  I suppose to some that may seem odd.  Why would I blog and not work to get it bigger and out there to more people?   I guess I write for myself.  I know that is true over here a Pushing Forward with Grace.

I hope to inspire and share something of content with others on both blogs, but striving for that large following has never really been in my heart.  But one thing I am curious about now that I have two blogs is this.

Comparing the number of follows on In Between the Sunsets of Life, where I have blogged since 2012 I have 31 followers.  More with Facebook followers and direct emailed followers, but on the actual blog 31 is the number. Over here at Grace, I have 71 and only been blogging here for 7 months.

It makes me wonder if it is the difference in using Blogger and WordPress, more people interested in my content of personal feelings over here verses life on the farm, recipes, and family events?  I suppose I will never figure it out.  But I thought it was interesting and would share with you today.

I’m grateful for the followers on both my blogs.  Not many interact, I kinda wish more would do that.  It makes this journey a little more interesting and connection normally happens.  So!  Think about commenting here and let’s start a dialogue!

Grace is a gift,



4 thoughts on “Followers how do you come to be?

  1. You know I am good for a comment and opinion now and then! So here I go! Awesome that you have 71 followers over here on your relatively new blog! I don’t follow your blogs via email. They are bookmarked in my favorites and I read when I have a free minute (or when I need a little break at work…ssssshhhh! don’t tell!). I sometimes read from facebook, but prefer to just come back and read when I am at a computer and not on my phone. I go against your stats a little though in that Sunsets is my favorite of your two blogs. It shouldn’t surprise you either, since you know I love farming and food! Could the stats be a little misleading since maybe you need to include facebook followers for Sunsets in your count since you can’t follow this one on facebook? Or maybe there are more followers because you write here more often so there is always something new. Or maybe because you are more unfiltered here? No idea really, but exciting that you get lots of traffic here! Have a great day, Julie!


    1. Awe Yes Jill! I know you are! 🙂 I only used the followers cause alot of the facebook followers are duplicates. But yes there is a difference there. Just surprises me how many just followers i have on her compared to Sunsets. THANKS!


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