Weight-Less Wednesday 2/11/2014

Weightless Wednsdays

2/7/2015 – I’m currently detoxing from my three-day trip away from home.  I attended a conference last week that served very good food.  Although I did eat some healthy foods, I also ate too much of the non-healthy.  I found myself swinging by the crop insurance booth one too many times because they had the best cookies for us to try! Oh and don’t get me started on the “break time food”, chips and queso.  I could feel after a day into the conference the bloating occurring within my body.  Honest I did.  But it didn’t really stop me.  It did make me go check out the motel treadmill for thirty minutes one day though.  One healthy thing I came to like is plain oatmeal with a teaspoon of brown sugar and dried cranberries in it.  Quite tasty!  Give it a try!

Honestly, I haven’t touched the kettle ball since that one time last week.

I looked forward to Sunday as my new start.  I call Sundays my new day of the week, and although my family was ill, I was still able to get a walk in!  Come Monday I made my way to the indoor walking at the local gym.  Still trying to figure out why my Fitbit doesn’t think what I think is “active minutes” is active!?  🙂   But I’m working up my speed slowly!  I did 10 floors of steps on Monday!

Maybe I will change the kettle ball in for steps!  I did 12 on Tuesday!

Positivity!  That’s where I am trying to be!  Go healthy journey go!

I have joined five other ladies and created a team for the Walk Kansas event that starts in March and ends in May. We chose Dashing Diva’s as team name! 🙂  We are doing Challenge One, if you are in Kansas, put together a little team, we can compete! 🙂

I am also considering doing this event in March.  I will be walking the two-mile though, no running for this gal!  Perhaps I can get my husband and daughters to join me! 🙂

I am back to using My Fitness  Pal for my food log, I really do like it. Now to be honest and log every thing that enters my mouth! 🙂

As I stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh in I was pleasantly surprised that  it’s going in the right direction still!  I guess that first paragraph wasn’t as bad as I thought! 🙂

Grace is a gift,






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